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Smart homes are rapidly becoming the new standard. Hundreds of connected devices are designed to make life easier, but, unfortunately, they're not all designed to work together. This can turn otherwise helpful gadgets into a real headache. The AVS team is here to make technology work for the you - not the other way around. Rather than opening 5 separate apps to unlock the door, turn off the lights, set the climate, and close the garage. We simplify it to just pressing the “Away” button. Now THAT'S smart!

Distributed Audio.

Discrete speakers help you to stream music from your personal collection, or favorite services, to any room in your home. From a classic vinyl record to your favorite streaming station, you choose what to listen to, and where to listen to it.

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Smart lighting.

Set the stage for your daily routine with smart lighting. Imagine walking into your home and pressing ONE button that closes your blinds, turns on and dims certain lights, and shuts off others. Save money while controlling the mood with a touch of a button. Your smart lighting will set the perfect backdrop for all your precious moments at home.

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Smart homes bring together devices to deliver unprecedented comfort. Remote thermostats and motorized blinds allow you to control the environment in your house without ever having to leave the couch.

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Cameras and Security.

Achieve true peace of mind with smart home technology. Keep your house secure while you're away, open the door for deliveries, or automatically lock your doors with a press of a button. Motion-detecting security cameras can always keep watch for you, so you can focus on more important things.

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The best smart devices money can buy aren't worth anything if they can't communicate with each other. Here at AVS, we set you up with a strong network the whole home can work off of.

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Automated shades can change your home in a dynamic way. With a touch of a button you can protect your home from UV rays to help cool your home in the summer. With hundreds of designer fabrics and options from translucent to black out and double roll shade, stylizing your smart home is easy. Smart Shade control has safety, function and quiet that are built-in to every window treatment.

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