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Monitor Audio SB-2 Soundbar


The compact SB-2 is engineered for seamless integration with 50″- 60″ TVs, featuring three separate driver arrays for left, centre, right channels in a single cabinet. The SB-2 employs individual 4″ C-CAM® mid-bass, 1″ C-CAM tweeter and sealed ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) drivers per section.

In larger rooms the SB-2 can be used with a partnering Monitor Audio subwoofer to deliver the best possible audio experience. Within smaller environments and systems, the SBs will deliver effortless full range audio way beyond the limits of any TV’s sound system.

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Product Description


SB-2 technology
  • C-CAM® (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) bass/mid driver per channel
  • C-CAM gold dome tweeters per channel
  • Auxiliary Bass Reflex (ABR) per channel
  • Three separate driver arrays for left, centre, right channels in a single cabinet
  • Optional dedicated wall bracket
  • Integrated Silicon feet provide a secure cabinet-top mounting alternative.


Frequency Response (-3dB)

90Hz – 30kHz

Sensitivity ([email protected])


Nominal Impedance (ohms)


Power Handling Single – R.M.S. (W)


System Power Handling – R.M.S. (W)

100 (High pass filter set to 100Hz)

Recommended Amp Requirements (W)

30 – 100

Recommended High Pass Crossover Frequency

80 – 120Hz

Maximum SPL (dBA)

104 (108.8 all channels driven)

Bass Alignment

3 x Auxiliary Bass Reflex (ABR) Loading

Drive Unit Complement

3 x 4” (100mm) C-CAM® cone bass/mid driver
3 x 1” (25mm) C-CAM gold dome tweeter

Cabinet Dimensions (HxWxD)

145 x 1110 x 89mm (511/16 x 4311/16 x 31/2 inch)

External Dimensions Inc Bracket (HxWxD)

145 x 1110 x 100mm (511/16 x 4311/16 x 315/16 inch)

Weight (lbs)

7.64Kg (16lb 12oz)