• MASS-5_0

Monitor Audio MASS 5.0 Surround Sound System

Comprising the compact MASS 10 satellite speaker and its centre-channel counterpart, the diminutive MASS home cinema system is award-winning Monitor Audio engineering in all its glory. Packed with technology and easy-installation features MASS offers jaw-dropping audio dynamics with d├ęcor-friendly styling for the perfect integration of great sound in your home.

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Product Description



  • 4 x Mass 10 speakers
  • Mass Centre
  • Jaw-dropping audio dynamics
  • Compact and stylish introduction to an AV system


Mass 10

224 x 128 x 128 mm
813/16 x 51/16 x 51/16 Inches

Mass Centre

128 x 228 x 128 mm
51/16 x 813/16 x 51/16 Inches