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                 Outdoor Lighting

                        Let us help you set up a smart outdoor lighting system to fit all your needs.

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FX Luminaire® LF Ledge Light with Luxor® Technology

The LF ledge light fits seamlessly between a block wall and capstone for a clean installation in classic and contemporary hardscapes. As a member of the FX Luminaire wall light family, the modular bracket design of the LF makes it simple to place under railings and existing construction. The LF is compatible with Luxor technology for zoning, dimming, and RGBW color-changing capabilities.


Next-Generation Landscape Lighting Control

Luxor is FX Luminaire’s premium lighting control option and the most advanced and flexible low-voltage landscape lighting transformer on the market. Luxor incorporates zoning, dimming, and color capabilities into a single control system using a simple two-wire path installation.


Set the Mood

Zoning programs lights into preset themes for outdoor activities like barbecues, meetings, or parties. Dimming adjusts desired dimming percentage anywhere within a system. Create up to 250 individual lighting groups that can be controlled independently and dimmed from 1–100%.


Color Your World

Luxor features 30,000 vibrant colors using state-of-the-art RGBW LED technology to create custom lighting themes for outdoor holiday displays, sporting events, company parties, or special occasions. Plus, adjust color temperatures for distinctive looks throughout the year.


Bring the Outside In

Seamlessly integrate the next-generation capabilities of the Luxor lighting controller into smart home systems to enable one-stop management of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Luxor fully integrates with leading home automation solutions.

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