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Through years of installing Home Theaters, we have it down to a science. We love delivering the “WOW"’ that makes the movies you love feel brand new. We work with the trades and construction crew to time the install perfectly, saving you time and money. From sound bars to Dolby Atmos, AVS is your home theater headquarters.

Here are a few options for designing your own home theater:


A great projector turns a room into a movie theater. Find the perfect fit for your room and budget with the AVS team.

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We work hard to source the best technology for your theater room. With motorized screens and ambient light rejecting screens, getting the big screen experience in any room is more viable than ever at AVS.

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Let's face it - it's not a theater experience if you're sitting on a folding chair. Theater seating can transform any room into your new favorite room in the house. So let us help you design the perfect seat layout for your room.

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AV Furniture

Panels help keep you immersed by reducing unintended echo. This small, but refining, detail really finishes the theater. At AVS, we settle for nothing less than the perfect theater experience.
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Theater Sound.

The days of silent film aren't coming back. Sound is a definitive part of an immersive theater experience. AVS can set you up with custom-finished floor standing speakers, or a full Dolby Atmos surround sound system. Don't just watch the movie; feel the movie.
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